Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Excersise 7 - Smart Objects

Excersise 7 involved using smart objects in photoshop to allow non-destructive editing to images without using the rastersize tool.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excersise 6 - Non destructive editing

Learning to edit non-destructively in ACR, Bridge & Photoshop.
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Lesson 2 & Lesson 3

Handed in, in class!

Excersise 1

1. What was the most recent event or set of images you created with a digital camera ? and How many images did you take (approximately) ?

Event shots at a house party... around 100 pictures.

2. How did you download them to your computer ? (eg Direct from camera / using a card reader ?)

Direct from Camera using a USB transfer cord

3. Where do you store your image files long term ? (eg. Computer hard drive / External drive / CDs ?)

Computer hard drive but investing in an external hard drive soon

4. Do you use software to help organise your image files ? (eg. iPhoto / Lightroom / Bridge / File Manager ?)

iPhoto to make albums and organise images

5. Do you shoot jpeg / RAW / both ?

Both Jpeg & RAW

6. How did you display the images ?

7. What software did you use to edit the images ?

iPhoto & photoshop

8. What did you do with the image files when you were finished with them ?

Saved them on my computer hard drive

9. How long would it take to find one of the images again ?

Not long, I generally know where my images are