Tuesday, November 30, 2010




3 different ways to expand and collapse the stack:
-Photo > stacking > unstack
-Click on the little 4 at the top left corner of the image

When you collapse the stack, the images all come back together.

Create virtual copy of an image - Command+'


1. Open image up in camera raw and make basic adjustments
2. Open into photoshop as a smart object
3. Create a black and white adjustment layer and set the blending mode to 'soft light'.
4. Create a hue and saturation adjustment layer and bring down the saturation

1. How would you do the same thing using Lightroom ? Create a virtual copy of the image!

2. What are the advantages / disadvantages of each approach ?
ADVANTAGE! Saves space on the disk
DISADVANTAGE! Requires speciality software to view the copies of the images


Used to determine how two layers are blended together visually.
This excersize demonstrated how to use blending modes as well as create contrast, lightness and darkness and combine two images.
Can be found as a drop down menu near the layers menu!

4. Additive/Subtractive colour.

Excersize involved learning key board shortcuts for functions on photoshop and simulating visually the additive and subtractive colour systems using circles and blending modes on photoshop.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Lesson 12. NDE Operations.


*Flip Layer
*Save file from ACR
*Layer Opacity
*Add adjustment layer


*Clone stamp
*Merge/Flatten image
*Paint Brush
*Cutting part of an image out from the background
*Erase tool
*Transform Selection
*Flip Selection
*Convert to B&W
*Apply a filter
*Change bit depth of an image
*Apply layer style

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Excersise 7 - Smart Objects

Excersise 7 involved using smart objects in photoshop to allow non-destructive editing to images without using the rastersize tool.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Excersise 6 - Non destructive editing

Learning to edit non-destructively in ACR, Bridge & Photoshop.
Product =

Lesson 2 & Lesson 3

Handed in, in class!

Excersise 1

1. What was the most recent event or set of images you created with a digital camera ? and How many images did you take (approximately) ?

Event shots at a house party... around 100 pictures.

2. How did you download them to your computer ? (eg Direct from camera / using a card reader ?)

Direct from Camera using a USB transfer cord

3. Where do you store your image files long term ? (eg. Computer hard drive / External drive / CDs ?)

Computer hard drive but investing in an external hard drive soon

4. Do you use software to help organise your image files ? (eg. iPhoto / Lightroom / Bridge / File Manager ?)

iPhoto to make albums and organise images

5. Do you shoot jpeg / RAW / both ?

Both Jpeg & RAW

6. How did you display the images ?

7. What software did you use to edit the images ?

iPhoto & photoshop

8. What did you do with the image files when you were finished with them ?

Saved them on my computer hard drive

9. How long would it take to find one of the images again ?

Not long, I generally know where my images are